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Arriving in Panarea

Need to know how to get to Panarea?

On this page you will find general information about how to reach the smallest and most picturesque of the Aeolian Islands.

The first thing to note is that on Panarea, as on most of the other islands, there are no cars. Arriving in Panarea also means finding a new pace of life and enjoying nature to its fullest through walks and tranquil boat trips.

You can reach the island by ferry or hydrofoil. The main port of embarkation is Milazzo Port, which you can get to by car or public transport, with links also provided to and from Messina and Catania airports. To arrive in Panarea from Milazzo Port, you can either choose to take the ferry or the hydrofoil depending on the time of day chosen, how quickly you want to arrive in Panarea and the time of year. Some companies only offer the Milazzo – Aeolian Islands route during the summer months.

If you would prefer not to travel from Milazzo, the other ports that offer boarding for Panarea are Naples, Messina and Palermo, and the main shipping lines to and from the Aeolian Islands are Siremar, Ustica Lines and Snav.

To travel to Panarea simply buy your tickets here for the ferry or hydrofoil.


The port of call in Panarea is San Pietro Harbour, and from here you can reach Hotel Tesoriero either on foot due to its vicinity to the harbour, or with the electric shuttle service provided by the hotel with prior booking.

If you prefer not to take the boat and would like to arrive on the island in the shortest time, Air Panarea offers a helicopter transport service from Taormina, Catania, Reggio Calabria, Naples and Palermo. Undoubtedly an enchanting way to arrive in Panarea.


Milazzo Milazzo Messina
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Messina Catania Apt. Catania Apt.
+39-090-673782 +39-090-675749
Catania Apt.
Reggio Calabria Apt.
+39-090-771938 +39-0965-21872

Shipping Companies

Compagnia Partenze da Telefono
Siremar Milazzo Panarea
+39-090-9283242 +39-090-983007
Ustica Lines Milazzo Messina Napoli Panarea
Snav Napoli Panarea
+39-090-9284509 +39-090-362114 +39-081-7612141 +39-090-983009


Compagnia Partenze da Telefono
Air Panarea Panarea Taormina Catania Reggio Calabria Napoli Palermo
+39-090-9834428 +39-340-3667214