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Holidays in Panarea: the island

Your holidays in Panarea

The Island of Panarea is the smallest inhabited island within the Aeolian Archipelago and is one of the main tourist destinations in Sicily.

The lush Mediterranean maquis, crystalline sea and stunning beaches are the main attractions of the island, which also offers plenty in the way of lively nightlife for all those who seek it. Holidays are easily planned in Panarea from relaxation to the social scene!

Being of volcanic origin like the entire Aeolian Archipelago, the island’s natural environment offers unusual and breathtaking scenery. Take, for example, the islets that stand out against the crystal-clear sea, the striking solidified lava formations and the magical fumaroles that rise up through the cracks between the rocks on Calcara Beach. Some of the islets opposite the island, such as Basiluzzo and Lisca Bianca, are easily reached from San Pietro Harbour with several boats providing tours within the archipelago.

Sea, boat trips, walks amid the Mediterranean vegetation, visits to the prehistoric village of Punta Milazzese and shopping on the island’s characteristic streets are the main ingredients of your holidays in Panarea.

There are three neighborhoods in Panarea: San Pietro, Ditella and Drauto. San Pietro is the main centre and hosts the island’s only harbour. It is here that the glamorous soul of Panarea known around the world is focused. Along the picturesque lanes of the village you will discover craft shops and clothes boutiques where you can find folk souvenirs, local products and the perfect outfit for the evening.

At sunset, the neighborhood of San Pietro comes to life with many visitors enjoying sipping aperitifs while watching the sun’s compelling show as it vanishes between the sky and the sea. As night falls and the discos open, Panarea is energized, its streets buzzing with people and fun taking centre stage.

From Hotel Tesoriero, you can easily reach all the main attractions that the island offers, whether immersed in nature or the social scene, enabling you to enjoy your holidays in Panarea to the full.