Hotel Tesoriero

Welcome to Hotel Tesoriero in Panarea!

Situated near the harbour and the main attractions on the island of Panarea, Hotel Tesoriero, in the village of San Pietro, is delighted to welcome its guests into a comfortable and informal atmosphere.

Splendid views of the islets in front, the perfume of the Mediterranean maquis and the sound of the sea are the ingredients that will make your stay at Hotel Tesoriero in Panarea unique.

Panarea: five reasons to spend your holidays here

Are you considering Panarea as your next holiday destination? Here are five good reasons to choose the island for your summer.

  1. Peace and quiet: As soon as you arrive in Panarea you will discover a new dimension of living. No cars, no irritating noises, no smell of smog, only sun, sea and the fragrance of nature brought to you on the breeze. Distances diminish and everything becomes reachable on foot. This break from hectic, everyday life lets you relax completely and recharge your batteries, bolstered to face the rest of the year.
  2. Sea and nature: You will find a crystalline sea nestled within the most thriving, colourful Mediterranean maquis to welcome you to Panarea. The sandy beaches of Drautto and Cala Zimmari, and the pebbly beaches of Cala Junco and Calcara are jewels that will capture your heart, just like the walks that lead to them, amid the scents and colours of the abundant Mediterranean vegetation and bougainvillea in bloom. If one island is not enough, you can also plan short boat trips to explore the other Aeolian Islands or the pretty islets in front of Panarea.
  3. Typical architecture and shopping: The island’s houses built in typical Aeolian style will leave you in awe. The walls white like clouds, the sea-blue doors, and the pink, purple and blue flowers will be what you see while you go shopping along the lanes in the villages of San Pietro, Ditella and Drautto. Not surprisingly, the island’s beauty has made Panarea a favourite destination for many celebrities from the world of entertainment who have chosen Panarea for their holidays over the years.
  4. History: Panarea may be small, but it is big in history. Traces of its volcanic past can be seen everywhere, from the fumaroles that still rise from the waters of several beaches to the jagged cliffs dropping steeply into the sea. Worth special mention is the prehistoric settlement of Punta Milazzese.
  5. Nightlife: Of all the islands in the Aeolian Archipelago, Panarea is the one with the most vibrant nightlife, so much so that boats leave the other islands bound for Panarea every evening. Aperitifs looking out from panoramic terraces, discos or walks in the streets of the villages; you can meet new people everywhere, and maybe even hobnob with a VIP.



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  • Ottima qualità prezzo

    Settimana all’insegna del relax, ambienti spartani ma tutto sommato non manca nulla, bellissime le terrazze comuni dove su richiesta si può fare pure colazione, a due passi dal porticciolo mondano e dai locali più belli…


  • Accogliente Rilassante e… Romantico…

    Il nostro soggiorno in questo hotel è stato veramente piacevole. Ci siamo sentiti accolti e coccolati